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Imatest. Das weltweit führende Software-Paket zum Testen digitaler Bildqualität.

Imatest bietet Software für alle Anforderungen und Budgets. Egal ob Sie industrielle Prüfsoftware benötigen, Bild-Sensoren kalibrieren oder Ihr privates Kamera- und Objektivequipment testen möchten - es gibt ein Paket für Sie.


June 29th, 2015: Free Information Seminar
June 30th- July 1st, 2015: 2-day Paid Training Course

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Imatest gives companies the right tools to test their image capture technology and has been a leader in image quality testing for over 10 years. Whether it’s still shots or video, visible light or infrared, Imatest has helped businesses in a variety of industries, including mobile, medical, automotive and manufacturing.

Imatest Founder and CTO Mr. Norman Koren will visit Karlsruhe to offer free Information Seminar and a paid 2-day Training Course to professionals using or considering Imatest software to improve their image quality testing processes.

2-day Paid Training Course (in English)

The training course offers attendees insight on the full capabilities of Imatest software in both research development and manufacturing environments. It will be held at Leonardo Hotel Karlsruhe. Training starts at 8:30am and will end at 5 to 6pm, depending on questions. Look for signs in the hotel lobby to direct you to the conference room.

View details of the Training schedule or
contact Lensation for registration.

Seats are limited (approx.30). Registrations will be accepted on the basis of first-come, first served.

Free Information Seminars

If you are interested in finding out more about how Imatest software can improve your image quality testing, we encourage you to come to the free Information Seminar in Leonardo Hotel Karlsruhe before the 2-day Training Course. 

Contact Lensation if you wish to participate. We look forward to meeting you in person!

(Due to security regulations a formal registration is essential.)


Imatest-Produkte erhalten Sie über die Firma Lensation GmbH, Karlsruhe.

Für Bestellungen und Preisauskünfte stehen wir Ihnen auch jetzt schon von
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